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Why Do Patients Develop Peripheral Artery Disease?

Peripheral artery disease, also known as PAD or peripheral vascular disease, occurs when large arteries outside the brain, heart muscle and aorta develop partial obstructions or complete blockages. These conditions can occur following exposure to a number of health risks, so accurate diagnosis is essential to a complete recovery.
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Do You Have PAD That Is Left Untreated Or Misdiagnosed As Another Health Condition?

I recently saw a patient who was sent to me for possible vein disease. The patient was quite frustrated because he had seen four different physicians and one chiropractor over the last 3-4 months with a problem of leg pain, swelling, and hip pain.
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Learning About Peripheral Artery Disease

Like many circulatory illnesses, peripheral artery disease (PAD) can manifest many confusing symptoms and side effects. As with risk factors for other venous disease, the risk factors for PAD are highly variable, and numerous diagnostic methods must be employed to help doctors understand exactly what’s going on in each case.
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