Functional Medicine Is the Future of Health Care

What Is Functional Medicine?

Schedule a   Free Evaluation  with a Professional  Concerning      Functional Medicine The Functional Medicine approach to illness concerns itself with identifying and treating the underlying or root causes of disease. In this manner, Functional Medicine practitioners are concerned not only with treating ongoing illnesses, but are also instrumental in preventing disease and maintaining good health.

We are beginning to realize that the root causes of chronic illness are often contributory to acute illnesses. Since this approach to illness hits at the core cause of the illness, we feel that by 2100 most non-surgical physicians will be practicing functional medicine as the standard of care.

Functional Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine: How They Are Different and How They Are Similar

Functional medicine physicians and traditional [Western trained] physicians are both interested in the well-being and good health of their patients. The difference is often subtle and is usually found in the approach to treating any given illness.

As a classically trained US physician I was taught to listen carefully to the patient’s history and then evaluate the current symptoms and signs of the patient’s problem and make a diagnosis. Once the diagnosis was made then we were taught to look for treatment that would eliminate the problem.

This might be in the form of a medication, a surgical procedure, or some form of therapy. The time frame was thought of as fairly short. Traditional medicine is primarily concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of symptoms and illnesses

There is nothing terribly wrong with this approach. However, this approach can only take you so far.

Where this approach breaks down is in 2 general areas:

  1. Chronic, ongoing illnesses
  2. Illnesses with no known cause

When approaching these types of diseases Western medicine breaks down; because this traditional Western medicine view of the patient does not encompass the totality of the patient [instead only the current disease/diagnosis] and the physician’s tool box only includes prescription medicines and surgery or some form of physical therapy.

As a result, this type of approach results in the development of a large number of specialties and sub-specialties that we see in modern medicine. Each specialist is interested in taking care of his/her specific area and leaves other areas to the other specialists.

Cancer Patient

Once you can be put into a pigeon hole with a diagnosis, you can be shuffled off to a specialist to treat that diagnosis. The question immediately comes to mind: Who is taking care of the whole patient?

With chronic illness, there is no quick fix. Any quick fix may alleviate the signs and symptoms but does not address the underlying problem.

Modern medicine is replete with examples such as:

  1. Insulin and oral medications lower the blood sugar and relieve symptoms but do not address basic problems of inflammation and insulin resistance.
  2. I performed open heart surgery on many patients and by-passed thousands of blocked arteries in my career as a heart surgeon, but I did not fix the underlying cause of the heart disease.

Functional medicine looks at the root cause of illness and realizes that fixing the root cause may take time, as well as effort by the patient, in collaboration with an informed wellness physician to help guide the pathway to quality health.

How Functional Medicine Relates to Wellness

Because a functional medicine doctor takes a holistic approach to your treatment, these physicians are often referred to as Wellness doctors. By adjusting your diet, your level of physical activity, and your environment, coupled with proper laboratory testing where indicated, the team at Five Star Vein and Wellness can provide you with a comprehensive and successful approach to your health care.


Choosing The Right Functional Medicine Doctor

Choosing the right functional medicine [Wellness] doctor can make a real difference in the quality of care you receive. Functional medicine offers real benefits for patients and can promote better health by taking a holistic approach to the healing process and the patient.

At Five Star Vein and Wellness, our team will put the power of functional medicine to work for you.

Why Choose Dr. Ruess?

Robert W. Ruess, M.D., is a physician with proven experience in functional medicine, cancer, heart disease, vascular disease, and other serious medical conditions [see About Our Doctor]

Because Dr. Ruess combines his many years of experience as a physician and surgeon with his commitment to functional medicine and wellness, he brings a unique set of skills to the task of helping you feel your best, regardless of your chronic condition.

Choosing Five Star Vein and Wellness and Dr. Ruess provides you with real benefits:

  • Experience: Dr. Ruess has 50 years of experience as a medical doctor. This allows you to enjoy greater confidence during your wellness evaluations and treatment regimen.
  • Holistic care: As an established functional medicine doctor, Dr. Ruess will evaluate every aspect of your medical condition to create a cohesive plan for addressing your physical issues and enhancing your overall health and wellness.
  • Expertise in chronic diseases: Dr. Ruess offers his wealth of experience and knowledge in venous disorders, cardiovascular conditions, general surgery, cancer treatment to help you manage serious illnesses more effectively.
  • Familiarity with root causes of disease: Dr. Ruess can provide you with an integrated plan for treating and preventing a wide range of illnesses because many of the underlying causes are similar for most chronic illnesses

Our Approach to Treatment: It's a Team Effort

Every member of our team is committed to providing you with the most effective treatments and the caring support you need to make real changes in your lifestyle and to enhance your overall state of wellness. We work with you at every step of the process to create a holistic treatment regimen designed just for you and your medical conditions.

As part of the team, we want you to fully participate and understand your treatment and treatment goals. We encourage you to ask questions and we are committed to providing you with science-based answers.

Our goal is to help you enjoy better health now and for many years into the future.

Insurance and Payments

The time and specialized knowledge required for functional medicine treatment may not be covered by all health insurance companies. Five Star Vein and Wellness will work with you and your insurance company to try to get your insurance company to bear some of the cost of lab work and various appropriate studies [e.g., ultrasounds of the thyroid and liver if indicated].

However, the amount of time and information provided by our team is not totally covered by insurance.

Patients are encouraged to come to a free Health Workshop and to make a free appointment to speak with a member of our Team to answer questions about fees, lab work, plans, health goals, etc. before committing to any program or spending any money.

The team at Five Star Vein and Wellness can deliver natural and holistic solutions that complement your traditional medicine therapies. We encourage you to maintain your relationship with your regular doctors. Taking good care of your health may require the use of more than one physician.

If you need the best in functional medicine, we are here to serve your needs now and to help you achieve the best health possible. Contact us today to find out how we can help you on the road to better health.

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