Neurological Disorders and Functional Medicine

The World Health Organization estimates that hundreds of millions of people are affected by neurological disorders around the globe. Even with all the research that has gone into treating neurological disorders, the number of people affected by these diseases is increasing.

Schedule a   Free Evaluation  with a Professional  Concerning      Functional Medicine It is important to understand what you need to do to help prevent neurological disorders and how to treat them if you already have them. Functional medicine offers improved treatment for, and prevention of, these devastating neurological illnesses.

The Five Star Vein and Wellness team works with you to determine the most effective way to address nervous system disorders and to provide you with the holistic care you need to manage, improve, and prevent serious medical conditions.

What Is Functional Medicine?

The Functional Medicine approach to illness concerns itself with identifying and treating the underlying or root causes of disease. In this manner, Functional Medicine practitioners are concerned not only with treating ongoing illnesses, but are also instrumental in preventing disease and maintaining good health.

What Is a Neurological Disorder?

Disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord, or nervous system are classified as neurological disorders. These conditions include the following illnesses and disorders:

  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Dementia
  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Brain tumors
  • ALS [AKA Lou Gehrig’s Disease]

For this discussion, we will place Stroke in the Vascular Disease category, as blockage of the arteries supplying the brain is the leading cause of Stroke in this country. Brain tumors can be listed under the Cancer category.

The remainder of the list represents primary diseases that affect or attack the nervous system directly.

The Causes of Nervous System Disorders

DementiaGenetic factors play a role in determining who is at risk for these diseases. The most well-known of these genetic factors is the ApoE4 gene, which markedly increases your risk for developing Alzheimer’s Disease.

However, when you think about it, one must then ask 2 questions:

  1. Do all those with the ApoE4 gene develop Alzheimer’s?
  2. Do those without the ApoE4 gene have to worry about Alzheimer’s?

The answer to question #1 is “NO”.

The answer to question #2 is “YES”.

Changing the Internal Environment

So, like in the case of cancer, it is the environment that is the key factor here. Treatment and prevention need to be focused on changing the patient’s internal environment.

In his recent book, “The End of Alzheimer’s”, Dale Bredesen, MD, presented evidence which documents the 1st program to show cessation, and reversal in some cases, of cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s Disease.


It has never been done before. Until now Alzheimer’s has been a death sentence. A disease that relentlessly progresses and kills the patient.

Bredesen and his team have shown that there can be hope and there can be ways in which these patient’s can be helped. This help is focused on changing the patient’s internal environment.

Bredesen believes that most of the neurological problems listed have a similar common pathway. The brain tissue is complex and sensitive. It makes sense that it can be affected adversely by a variety of what I would call “bad actors” in our internal environment.

Bredesen divides up the causative factors into 3 general categories, in order to help us think about the problem:

  1. Inflammation

    Too much inflammation [just as in heart disease and cancer] can lead to brain dysfunction and neurologic diseases. For a definition of inflammation please see the information on Heart Disease.
  2. Toxins

    All humans are exposed to toxins, often without even knowing it. These poisons, once in the body, can produce major organ dysfunction. The brain is especially sensitive.
  3. Hormonal, Nutrient, and Vitamin Issues

    Because brain tissue is so sensitive, lack of proper levels of key elements or imbalance of these key elements can lead to neurologic dysfunction and neurologic diseases

In his book Bredesen lays out a plan to address these issues and prevent and even stop or reverse cognitive decline. Functional Medicine practitioners try to do the same.

Does the Need for Functional Medicine Apply to You?

Are you having more frequent “Senior Moments”? Is someone in your family evidencing some cognitive decline? Are you worried that you will end up with an inability to mentally function well?

No one wants to have a dysfunctional brain. Functional Medicine can help.

A New Way of Thinking—A Different Approach to Chronic Disease

Dr. Ruess and the entire team at Five Star Vein and Wellness offer Functional Medicine solutions that go beyond simple diagnosis and treatment. We address a person’s entire internal environment. We treat all patients as if they had Alzheimer’s, thereby focusing on the underlying bases for all chronic disease.

We realize that all chronic disease takes years and years to develop. Years and years of the body being attacked by inflammation, toxins, and inadequate hormones and minerals, coupled with the lack of key nutrients, results in neurologic disorders, cancer, and heart and vascular disease.

Dr. Ruess and the team at Five Star Vein and Wellness will work closely with you throughout your journey to stop and reverse chronic disease. You will become an active participant in improving your health.

You can change your life! We can help.

Contact us today to schedule an initial free consultation regarding our treatment program. We are here to answer your questions and look forward to forming a team with you to improve your health.

Schedule a   Free Evaluation with a Professional   Concerning Functional Medicine