Patient Testimonials

Priscilla says

I am a 68 year old female patient with a family history of vascular disease and “really bad legs!” I come from a doctor’s family, and until I had my vascular issues attended to by Dr. Ruess, I had not sought help for a serious condition that had been bothering me for forty years - - I was terrified of “vein stripping” and wasn’t going to try it!

Dr. Ruess’ exceptional qualifications, experience and masterful skill for treating vascular disease coupled with the most up-to-date technology, procedures and equipment, has resulted in relief of all my problems and concerns. My pre-surgical condition was severe, with major malfunctioning of dozens of valves in my legs from my ankles to my groin in both legs and large, ugly painful varicose veins. The laser and sclerotherapy surgeries, which were performed at the clinic over the period of nine months, were almost pain free and very easily managed post-operatively. Now there is no more uncomfortable swelling, clotting, or inflammation and there’s a renewed ability to walk, stand, and move that I have not enjoyed for years.

- Priscilla



Pat says:

I have recently finished my treatment with Dr. Ruess at Mesquite/Vegas Vein and Laser. I was having swelling, burning and overall pain in my right leg. Dr. Ruess did the original diagnosis and thoroughly explained the procedures I needed. I went ahead with the procedures and was very satisfied with Dr. Ruess’s expertise, skill, work ethics and overall concern while taking care of me. It was amazing that there was very little discomfort at any time and even less disruption to daily routine. The staff at Mesquite Vein and Laser is very accommodating. Everything from scheduling, insurance, billing etc. is well organized and efficiently handled…I had positively no hassles. The facility is state of the art and reflects the dedication Dr. Ruess gives to his patients. I am pain free at this time and would recommend Dr. Ruess to anyone having any sort of vein problems.

Thanks so much.


- Pat



Colin E. Baily M.D., F.A.C.S. says:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Dr. Robert Ruess. I have known Dr. Ruess for several years. We are both Board Certified Cardiothoracic and General Surgery. Dr. Ruess is a well known Cardiothoracic Surgeon in the State of Missouri.

Dr. Ruess has a reputation for providing excellent patient care. He has outstanding operative skills and is obsessive about detail. In short, Dr. Ruess is an honest and ethical surgeon and is a perfectionist in all that he does.

- Colin E. Baily M.D., F.A.C.S.
Central Missouri Cardiovascular Association



Lucy says:

I am writing this to tell others how awesome I feel Dr. Ruess and his staff are!

I had been to other doctors for a problem with ankle/skin area of both my legs. They were swollen, had skin discoloration along with oozing moisture. No one seemed to be able to help. Later, both of my legs started to bother me so bad they would wake me up out of a sound sleep. They hurt and ached, along with much cramping.

I went to see Dr. Ruess who said he felt he could help me; which he did, as my legs are great now. Dr. Ruess was very thorough in explaining everything to me. He went into detail to explain the procedures he would use to fix them. When he was doing the procedures he would explain everything he was doing. I walked out of the office after the procedures on my own and went about my daily business.

His staff was very professional. They checked out my insurance, made appointments to fit my schedule and answered all my questions. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Ruess and his wonderful staff.

Thank you for all you have done,

- Lucy



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