Cosmetic Vein Treatment

Schedule a   Free Evaluation  with a Professional  Concerning Vein CareBy definition, cosmetic treatment is designed to improve appearance. At Five Star Vein and Wellness we make the latest, safest, and most effective strategies available in order to achieve cosmetic success.

Let’s be realistic: Some visible veins on the extremities can just be ugly. They can come in all sizes, from large ropey veins the size of your thumb, to tiny little red “spider” veins. Some people have a number of these veins and when they are located in visible areas, it can be embarrassing. Phlebologists [vein specialists] have been battling with these veins for years with variable success.

The following cosmetic procedures can be done in the office with no anesthesia needed:


At Five Star Vein and Wellness we feel, as do most phlebologists, that the best way to eliminate visible veins is by the use of sclerotherapy. This is a treatment method by which a chemical agent is injected into a vein and this agent comes in contact with the lining cells of the inside of the vein and damages these cells to the point where the vein closes down.

Very small needles are used which cause minimal discomfort. Veins of all sizes can be closed down in this way.

With modern chemicals and meticulous technique we used to tell patients that they could expect a clearance of the ugly veins from about 75-80%.

Vein Wave

Enter a brand new technology that just recently got approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. At Five Star Vein and Wellness, we are proud to announce that we are the first and may be the only ones in Nevada to have this device.

This instrument delivers a controlled small packet of radiofrequency energy through a tiny needle directly into very small veins. This energy destroys the veins and when the body’s clean up crew comes in and removes the cellular debris, the area is cleared.

Laser Vein Removal

The beauty of this device is that we now have a safe and effective way to treat the tiny vessels that are even smaller than the small needles we use. We use magnification and polarized lighting technology to visualize and treat these tiny vessels.

The Vein Wave combined with sclerotherapy now gives us a 1-2 punch to eradicate unwanted veins of all sizes. Now we can offer patients a realistic goal of clearing 85-90% of their unwanted veins-some do even better.

Any treatments on visible veins must be planned out carefully. At Five Star Vein and Wellness, you will be asked questions about your signs and symptoms.

In some cases a more extensive workup will be indicated. Depending on the situation, sclerotherapy and the Vein Wave will have to be put on hold while more information is obtained.

It would be a mistake to jump right in with sclerotherapy and the Vein Wave if there was an underlying, more serious problem.

Eliminate Unwanted Facial Veins With the Latest Solution Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration

Facial Vein RemovalUnwanted facial veins, whether they are red or blue, have always been a problem. Patients often cover them up for years with make-up and watch in despair as the number and prominence of these veins increase over the years.

Now at Five Star Vein and Wellness we have the answer for undesirable veins on the face.

We can eliminate them using the Vein Wave.

On the face we are not limited to just the tiny veins, as we are on the legs. The vein wave can take care of tiny red spider veins as well as the larger more blue looking veins on the face.

This method is better and safer and less painful than laser treatments to the face. In fact, Vein Wave treatment on facial veins is over 90% effective and is basically complication free.

Patients suffering from Rosacea are difficult to treat. We have a program to open the skin pores with azelaic acid cream and then use the Vein Wave to eliminate the tiny red spider veins that develop in patients with Rosacea and are the result of inflammation.

We encourage you to come in for a free evaluation and discuss your cosmetic vein problem. Get a specific treatment plan for your particular situation.

Schedule a Free Evaluation with a Professional Concerning Vein Care