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Things to Know About Strokes - Part 2 of 2

Last time, in Part 1 of our series on strokes, we talked specifically about the 3 presentations of brain damage: TIA-transient ischemic attack, damage that resolves in 24 hours; RIND-reversible ischemic neurologic deficit, damage that reverses itself, but takes more than 24 hours; and stroke-permanent brain damage. We also learned that the most common cause of these brain insults is the build up of atherosclerosis (plaque) in the carotid arteries, the main supply of blood to our brains.
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Things to Know About Strokes - Part 1 of 2

Everyone knows this entity. Everyone, if they think about it, fears this entity. Today, we will talk a little about stroke, define it, describe its various presentations, and talk about diagnosis and prevention.
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