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What You Need to Know About Obesity and Vein Disease

Posted by Robert W. Ruess MD in ASCAD, Dr. Robert W. Ruess, Fat Behind the Knees, Five Star Vein Institute, Low Carb Diets, Obesity and Vein Disease, Vein Disease, Vein Health, Abdominal Fat, Arteriosclerotic Coronary Artery Disease, Popliteal Vein Compression on December 02, 2014

Once thought not to be a risk factor for the development of vein disease unless it was extreme, being overweight has now clearly been shown to be associated with venous problems. In fact, studies now show that the more a person is overweight, the more likely it is that this person will develop vein disease and have an increasing severity of their vein disease when compared with normal weight[...]

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