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How To Know If You Need Varicose Vein Treatment

Posted by Robert W. Ruess MD | Apr 23, 2014 11:49:02 AM

Many millions of people will develop varicose veins during their lifetimes. In point of fact, if a person lives long enough, he or she will develop vein disease. The experiences patients have with vein disease vary widely. People can report everything from severe pain, spontaneous bleeding, and development of blood clots to pain-free simple embarrassment over the way their veins look.

An Evolutionary Design Flaw?

Man was millions of years in development. During most of his time on earth he was matching wits with the likes of saber toothed tigers, mammoths, and the full spectrum of Mother Nature herself, battling severe weather conditions without modern shelters and severe diseases without antibiotics and the like. The end result was that man’s life expectancy was limited- very limited. Even up into the 1300’s, it is estimated that the average human lived to be approximately 30. Before that, in caveman times, it was probably much less than that. So for almost all of human existence man literally did not have time to develop vein disease. There were more important things for evolution to take care of. Fast forward to today’s world. Life expectancy average is in en the 70’s. That gives gravity 40+ more years to put pressure on the thin, delicate valves in the venous system. With enough time, gravity can break down anybody’s vein valves. Once this process starts the high pressure that follows can cause the symptoms and signs of vein disease.

Truly Enlarged Veins Are Never Really Benign

Some people have what I would call normal enlarged veins. For example, one sees this condition on professional body builders. As the muscles grow the veins enlarge as well to allow good return of all the blood that has perfused the muscle. This is a condition of normal enlargement. However, when one sees similar veins in a normal sized 60-year-old male, something is amiss. These veins, even though they may be without symptoms are abnormal. The same can be said for the presence of multiple spider and reticular veins in, for example, a 32-year-old female. Were these present when she was 14?

Dealing With Abnormal Veins

Are your veins truly enlarged or symptomatic? If your answer is yes, then they are abnormal. The key, like many things, is to get educated. The web provides an excellent opportunity to become informed about vein disease.

Working With Phlebologists

The people most qualified to asses venous conditions are those who specialize in vein disease. One term use to describe these specialists is “phlebologist.” These physicians are certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Disease (ABVLM). This is a new specialty with less than 625 Certified physicians in the United States. A simple way to get some information regarding your particular venous condition is to visit with one of these specialists. Dr. Robert Ruess of Five Star Vein Institute was the first physician in Las Vegas to be certified by the ABVLM and has more than 30 years experience in the diagnosis and treatment of vein issues. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Ruess today to discuss your vein health.

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Written by Robert W. Ruess MD