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Veinwave™ Treatment: Useful for the Elimination of Small Veins

Posted by Robert W. Ruess MD | Mar 20, 2014 6:27:44 PM

If any part of your body shows signs of unsightly thread veins, don’t despair; a new medical intervention, Veinwave™, is now available to provide a safe and effective treatment that yields optimal results. Thread veins or spider veins are simply small blood vessels that have become dilated and usually present no medical concern since they are noted for being harmless.

These small, dilated veins can be broken down into 2 categories:

  1. Very small red veins of 1 mm diameter or less—-Spider veins
  2. Small bluish veins of 1-3 mm diameter—Reticular veins

These types of veins can be prominent on the face, thighs, and legs. These veins are easily noticed and are a cosmetic nuisance for many. Although some of these veins have been known to cause discomfort, most of them are without symptoms. The almost universal complaint is that these veins are unsightly.

What is a Veinwave Treatment?

The Veinwave is a relatively new medical intervention, the brain child of Dr. Brian Newman, a Vascular Surgeon from the United Kingdom. The treatment of these unsightly veins involves the use of radio frequency microwaves [RF] that are used to deliver a packet of energy to the veins to cause micro-thermocoagulation.

The veins are destroyed by the heat created by the energy when it hits the target. It is delivered to the target via a fine needle. It eliminates small, unsightly veins from various parts of the body in an efficient, fast, and relatively painless manner.

Candidates Eligible for Treatment?

With experience over time, practitioners using the vein wave have come to realize that there are some limitations to this treatment. Almost all patients with unsightly veins, regardless of size and number, can expect good results from treatment of facial veins. It appears that veins larger than 3 mm on the lower limbs [not the face] should probably not be treated with this modality. Many patients get a bit of pigmented residual when Veinwave is used for these larger veins on the legs.

Effects of Treatment?

Once an individual has undergone a Veinwave treatment, he or she will experience few side-effects. There is usually a period of redness associated with what appears to be small scratches throughout the areas that have been treated. Some patients state that it looks like they have gotten into a fight with their cat. There is often a slight sensation of facial burning, as if the patient had experienced a very mild sun burn.

These symptoms are the result of irritation and will dissipate over the course of few days. The tiny scratches will disappear in about 1 week. The effects of the treatment will in no way hinder an individual from performing his or her day-to-day routine.

Dr. Robert Ruess of Five Star Vein Institute was the first physician in Nevada to implement the use of the Veinwave as a viable treatment option for the elimination of thread and spider veins. Contact his Las Vegas or Mesquite office to schedule an appointment to discuss your vein issues.

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Written by Robert W. Ruess MD