Take Advantage of Modern Technology in the Effective Treatment of Your Vein Disorder

As a valued patient at Five Star Vein and Wellness, you have access to the latest in technology to assist in the treatment of venous diseases like varicose veins, spider veins, peripheral artery disease and more.


Schedule a   Free Evaluation  with a Professional  Concerning Vein CareThis is an infusion pump for tumescent anesthesia. Tumescent anesthesia was developed by Jeffery Klein MD in 1984. The anesthetic solution is delivered into the tissues to allow procedures such as endovenous laser ablation of veins and liposuction to be done without pain to the patient. During vein closure it protects the surrounding tissue from damage. The pump replaces hand injections of the anesthetic and allows for a faster, more effective and more efficient delivery of the medicine. This allows for quicker and less painful procedures.


This device allows the operator to see the small spider veins on the face and legs clearly. Of course by doing this the operator can treat vessels with sclerotherapy or Vein Wave more precisely, thereby getting better results.


Five Star Vein and Wellness is proud to say that we are the 1st in Nevada to have this revolutionary machine and offer it to our patients. This device delivers a tiny packet of radiofrequency energy to the tip of a very tiny needle. When the needle is placed on a small spider vein, the spider vein is destroyed.

This device was 10 years in the making and just recently was approved by the United States FDA. It can be used to treat surface veins on BOTH the face and the legs. It does 3 things better than any surface laser:

  • It gives better cosmetic results
  • It does not cause significant pain
  • It does not cause complications
  • Even facial veins that go inside the nose can be successfully treated.


Venous DopplerThe key to the modern treatment of venous disease, the ultrasound allows the phlebologist [vein specialist] to “see” below the skin surface, where the venous action is located. At Five Star Vein and Wellness, our 5-10 mega Hertz probe allows excellent scanning to different depths for precise diagnosis and treatment for our patients. The ultrasound is used both in venous evaluation and in the operating room.

In this picture the ultrasound is attached to a high resolution monitor. This enlarges the picture making it easier for the surgeon to work. It also is an educational tool, allowing visitors and students an opportunity to see what’s going on in real time.


This device works on the principle of trans-illumination. A powerful beam of light is held firmly against the skin [the ring above]. The light passes through the skin and into the tissues as far as it can. The tissue immediately below the skin is composed of fat, with veins passing through it. The venous structures block the light more than the fat and produce shadows that correspond to the vein anatomy. This allows the operator to “see” veins below the skin surface.


At Five Star Vein and Wellness, all medical records are digitally recorded and kept on computer. There are no paper charts to lose and each patient’s record can be accessed quickly and easily.


This is the 1st of the newer generation of lasers used to close unwanted large veins. A fiber which can transmit the laser energy is placed inside the vein that needs to be closed. The “1320” stands for the wavelength of the laser energy delivered. This is higher than the older generation lasers.

The laser preferentially seeks out water as its target. Since the lining cells of veins are mostly water, this makes for a very efficient way of closing down these cells. It is postulated that this is why there is less bruising, vein perforation, and discomfort when compared to the older lasers with lower wavelengths. The lower wavelengths do no use water as their target. The Cool Touch laser also has an automatic pullback device which allows more precise delivery of the laser energy to the tissues, eliminating human errors in pull back speed

Restore Your Vein Health With Modern Technology

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