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Cosmetic Issues in Leg Vein Treatment

Posted by Robert W. Ruess MD | Jan 1, 2013 2:49:56 AM

Many people are concerned about the appearance of the tiny red veins that appear on the legs and face. These are called telangiectasias or spider veins [1mm or less].

Often there are nearby some slightly larger bluish veins called reticulars [1-3mm] that can be abnormal and which often contribute to the ugly appearance. Standard varicose veins are thought of as being 3 mm or greater and, at times, can also been seen on the surface.

Let a Vein Specialist Properly Diagnose Your Vein Disease

The phlebologist [vein specialist] will often check to make sure there are no underlying high pressure veins present, as it would not be good treatment to close spider veins in the face of underlying high venous pressure.

There is a new device on the United States market which has just been approved for use in this country by the FDA. It is called the Veinwave and it is changing the way we treat veins on the legs and face.

Treatment Options for Ugly Leg Veins

Until now, sclerotherapy was by far the best treatment for ugly leg veins. This involved injecting a chemical into the vein and closing it down. The body would resorb the vein and the varicosity would disappear. Success rate was usually about 75-80%.

Other treatments include surgery and laser treatment. Laser treatments are considered a secondary treatment method by most phlebologists. They are painful, expensive, and don’t work so well.

Using the Vein Wave to Treat Spider Veins

Enter the Veinwave. This is a new, revolutionary device that allows us to treat small spider veins on the legs; these vessels typically are too small for even a small needle to successfully enter and treat. The Vein Wave delivers a tiny spot of radio frequency energy that coagulates the vein without leaving any scarring. The discomfort, unlike the skin laser, is minimal.

So now we have a 1-2 punch in treating leg veins. This new method involves treating an area of offending veins with first, the Veinwave, concentrating on just the tiny veins that are too small to treat adequately with sclerotherapy. 6 weeks later, this same area is treated again; this time the larger spider veins and the reticular veins are treated with sclerotherapy. 6 weeks later a touch up treatment is administered to the same area, completing the treatment plan for this particular area.

Using this method we can expect clearance rates in the 85-90% range for most patients. Cosmetic leg vein treatment is challenging. It is often difficult to get quality results. The Veinwave has revolutionized the treatment of these veins and has allowed us to achieve superior results.

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Written by Robert W. Ruess MD